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On 12/19/2011 10:30 AM in General
Saw this post by Reagan and thought I'd share. Very sad news. Condolences to his family. RIP.

I have been told by Peep's family that he passed away yesterday in Toronto from complications of a heart attack he suffered a week ago. He was 66.

As many people here know, his name was Carl Erickson. He was an American from New Jersey who came to make a life in Canada as a young man. He leaves behind a wife and a daughter and two sons.

Carl lived in Cambridge, Ontario, less than an hour's drive west of Toronto. He was an entrepreneur who recently specialized in redeveloping bowling alleys and family recreation centers.

He was also a legend in the world of online gambling forums. Known throughout that world as Peep, he started OGD as a place where online gamblers could speak out against bad books and bad characters within an unregulated and often highly dishonest industry.

His mantra was freedom of speech and the forum for that freedom was what he called this "community" and which now carries his name. His passing is of course a great and sad loss to this community, which has lost its founder and its most respected member.

We join his family in mourning his loss and extend our sympathies and respect to those who knew and loved Carl Erickson in his private life.
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12/19/2011 10:46 AM
OH MY GOSH! That is such sad news. My thoughts and prayers go out to his Famoly and online community.

JTG thank you for sharing this even though the news is so sad
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12/19/2011 10:49 AM
Wow - hadn't seen this wishes to his family and friends....
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12/19/2011 10:53 AM
Wow best wishes to his friends and family sad news to say the least
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