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Wyoming this year has been really good on defense. Head coach Shyatt's defense style works at it's best when it can take u out of your half court sets. Pressur ing a team like CaLIrv that likes to run probably isn't at the top of his list. In Convo's ive had today about wyomings D-fence, all of them included this: IF their opponent can break them down off (via) the dribble, then their in for a long nite. Wyoming has held good solid "half court O-fences" this yr in no.colorado, portSt, colorado to 56,54,51 pts. Yes these 3 teams can score in the half court sets. However, imho, there is NOT a player on any of those teams that can (iso) at any point in the game and 1on1 it consistantly to the hoop for action.
UC Irv coach russell turner's O-fence gets out and runs, that's his style. Although his personel took a step back this yr, their young, his pieces r just as talented 'offensively' as wyoming. His teams like to break u down. Wyoming will try and slow it down and control the game as they have almost all season. There in lies the value here imho. Wyoming struggles on O-fence, having posted some ugly posession games. And against some offenses they matched up w/defensively. Wyoming just broke a 23 game roady losing streak now heading home. Feeling here the spot isn't all that grt8 to back and layem. I know wyoming's approach here, play your tail off on D, like they have all yr. But imho, Cal Irv has a few weapons, and tonite "should" cud be about wyoming and their O-fence keeping up. Not their defense which cud find alot of 1on 1 problem speed dribblers. small play on the dog here.

Cal Irv +16 (1)

season (+15.30units) ats (7-3) +8.40 / sides (1-2) -1.30 / ML gross (+8.20) / Large (0-0)

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Good luck tonight...thanks for posting

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(W) Cal Irv +16 (1) 48-58