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Fordhams built around chris gaston.He's the main man in coach tom pecora's offense that's usually built from the inside out. Along with gaston, fordham's other effective (big) bristol, form a nice defensive due inside not allowing teams much damage inside. Frazier & Eastwick give fordham exp. on the wings(both were top players shooting perspective last yr), but not this yr 22% perimeter. So far,these bricks have led to alot of o-rebounds,touches,#'s for bigs.
Here's Fordhams problem, or situation depending on how or by whom it's looked upon. Coach Pecora got his hands on a nice guard recruiting class, which has in turn thrown off the exp tandom of frazier & eastwick's minutes. Along with that coach pecora is playing so many guards that it's tuff for any of them to find rythym. Also note the fast and hectic pace he likes to play at.
Which leads to Sienna. For the first time all yr they were able to play their own style(up-down) and post a high posession game & 78pts vs a good umass defense. Sienna is also adjusting(imho) to NOT having starting (pg) Brookins who is out for the yr. Wignot is finally returning to the lineup healthy tonite(it's a go so far until otherwise) and he is sienna's best O-fence threat! In wignot's absence, (inside big Anosike was clearly asked to do to much. He is a roleplayer, a good one, a fine rebounder, not scorer as he was forced into.
The key to sienna without brookins (imho) is the need to get up&down the court taking the burden off their halfcourt sets. Both teams tonite r similar in what they do. Both teams generate ALOT of pts from O-fence rebounding.
Key to this game: which team or teams step up and knock down perimeter shots,thus keeping the flow. Will Fordham find a set lineup of guards w/consistent scoring? Will Sienna carry over their O-fence momento from the umass game here? Both teams r coming off high posession games in the mid 70's. Both teams r built for running up/down,similar styles,yet outside shooting & making perimeter shots is key.
Fordham has St.John's on deck, and sienna has a nice lil break after this one. So I expect sienna's coach Buonagaro to throw alot at fordham tonite. Here's the red flag.. these 2 teams have NOT matched up for awhile, and a feeling out process might occur early here. Along with plenty of posessions thruout the game, alot of wild jackups. This game will be a "watch & learn type game for me". No action as I play very few Overs...

In this write-up, wanted to touch on some main points and things going on w/both teams. Sadly, it could have been longer,lol. In-depth is what u will get here & many thoughts go into a play. Above is my mind at work, how a break down things. Again, other factors r important not listed. such as: spots/ O vs D breakdown/ emotion(big in college) / inj-susp... Styles/Flow/Coaches/Spots/Emotion r big in CBB.

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Great write-up! TY for the info. It's nice to see how other people break down games :)

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Also, had a longtime friend/capper @ the recent Fordham/Mhatten game. He told me fordham wanted to run in every situation but could not(47pts) because of turnovers & lack of shooting.. sienna doesn't play that type of defensive style that forces turnovers like manhatten fellas, just some info for LATER, yw. Manhatten turns u over and forces u out of what u wanna do. Good shooting teams can press them, leading to a different style. Mhattens D forced the style in that one. Exactly what i thought i wud here from him. He gets it btw, we trade off info/yrs.
btw= season (+15.30units) ats (7-3) +8.40 / sides (1-2) -1.30 / ML gross (+8.20)

My tuesday projected lines, (which i do because i trust no liners). Not alot of good bball here coming up imho.

wisky 9 (assuming mcCallum plays)
MissSt. 13 (assuming bryant is susp.)
Wyoming 14
Minny 19
Ucsb 11
OrgSt. 15
Viagra +10 lol

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    Accidentally hit the thumbs down button while reading your picks, I didn't mean anything about it. Great write up!

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Great Stuff! Thanks for sharing

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thank you, and yes those are NOT picks in the second article, simply my "lines" for tuesday as it states.

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results 1st half fordham 42- sienna 29 / 2nd half fordham 32- sienna 30 / total was 126-128ish. 74-59 final. Wish i played more overs. Fordham came out hot, and sienna played their style without much falling. This is a league i follow with good accuracy. Consistant styles & predictable defensive styles.