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  • With the losses of cameron jones & shane Johanson(a top kenpom performer last yr) n.arzona and their coach mike adras is limited in a ballmovement type o-fence.Its a best shot perimeter oriented style. Pepperdine pressures the wings and thats about it. Pepp ML +105. N.Arizona had 49 posessions last time out vs Arizona, 49. Think about that. Imho pepp has an advantage in several spots, i marked this game preseason at about -4, so the pts here work. W.Ktky has a chance for a straight up win thus the ML play as well. SIU o-fence is just putried, yes they have had time to practice and prepare here, but i have wktky ranked well ahead in ofence, and siu turns it over alot. The only way LChi hangs with depaul up and down game is outscore em,. This is the first time depaul has been favored on the road in 4 years,(only exception a 22 pt loss to csnorth). Lchi and porter moser(coach has a style on defense that allows teams to shoot at will, and depaul hasnt shown any restraint from jacking it up from anywhere. 6of last 7 depaul games have had 70 posessions for the bluedeamons. The only way for the home team here to win, excite the crowd and run tonite. OVR 136. Damien Cain makes his debut tonite with the colorado buffs, and his presence should help his buddy Robinson all over the floor on offense! Factor in a red hot shooting fresno team , in the altitude, and i'll fade the bulldogs here lay the 9. Ic a woodshed game possibly. ILLy/St.Bony have similar styles, and if myers leanard stays out of foul trouble, this is a half court meatgrinder. Udr 128. favored 6 says it all @ Rhody Isl. R.Isl is a mess right now

  • Ats 0-1 (-1.10) Sides 0-0 MLgross ev
    Early card: V.Tech 6 (2)
    Late Card: Depaul/LChi Ovr 136 (2)
    WKtky +7 (2) ML+280 (1)
    Buffs 9 (2)
    Pepperdine ML+105 (2)
    ILLY Udr 128- (2)

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    12/07/2011 07:17 PM

    Thanks for posting plane...on Western Ky too....Good luck with your plays!

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    12/07/2011 08:33 PM

    Just getting to see these !! Hope you have a great night Plane

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    12/07/2011 09:09 PM

    should read: Pepp ML +150 / instead of 105 typo, NArz is favored 3- thanks jmu & lou

    • 12/07/2011 11:21 PM

      (W) 6 (2) 78-67
      (L) Depaul Ovr 136 (2) 68-57
      (W) WKtky +7 (2) 62-55
      (W) ML +280 (2) "
      (L) Buffs 9 (2) 71-64
      (W) Pepper ML+150 (2) 49-40
      (W) ILLu Udr 128- (2) 48-43

      Day (+7.40 units) ats 2-1 (+1.80) sides 1-1 (-0.20) MLgross (+5.80)
      Season (+6.30 units)

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    12/08/2011 09:46 AM

    Welcome back

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    12/08/2011 09:48 AM

    Great night man!!

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    12/08/2011 04:09 PM

    Good to see you PLane

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    12/08/2011 11:21 PM

    thanx fellas, been away w/ various projects most involving capping/networks. Ran into various people from here in contests/sites or networks, vegas, idname,etc. Good job with the new look fellas, hardest part will be finding our/my way around in here. Somewhat perplexed w/ losing ovr 2200 posts. Not fun arriving as a ghost. But most know me. My area's handicapping. Smaller cards will be featured, w/ an occasional troll special. IC we have our very own payperview cappers. 1 thing these guys will have in common, or should anyway is that their good w numbers, math skills. A good capper will always leave himself an out. IE a select number of strong plays grouped or singled out, attention getters. hey bobalou/ryan wheres my violin logo at? is that gone too?