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On 12/01/2011 09:41 AM in NCAA Football

ncaa football final weekend

Overall Record (61-60)(-18.05 units)

Only keeping overall record from here on out and not separating by units. 5-5 dropping 1.50 units last week. Not horrible, it felt much worse than it was. Penn State really cost me another good week. Regardless I am happy to only be down 18 units after being down nearly 50. Last week of the regular season. Here we go.


West Virginia -2 vs. S Florida (one unit)………..S Florida’s QB more than likely will play, but how effective will he be not being 100%. I just don’t think S Florida can match points with WVU and their very good passing attack. W Virginia is way overdue to win at S Florida as well. I think they play on of their better games tonight.


N Illinois -3½ vs. Ohio (one unit)………..Just feel that N Illinois is the better team. Just because it is the conference championship game does not necessarily mean we have the two best teams playing each other. Look at UCLA in their conference championship game……what a joke! If I did not suck at totals so bad, over would be my bet as well.
UCLA +31½ vs. Oregon (one unit)…………I will admit that I should not be playing this game, but with college football ending this week I can admit I am forcing a few games. Not going to hurt to throw a unit on some games and hope for the best. I am taking UCLA because I cannot think of a single reason to take them. I don’t see how Oregon gets up for this game at all when they can name the score. I just hope UCLA has a little bit of pride and come to play.


Oklahoma State -3 vs. Oklahoma (three unit best bet)………….Even if the Sooners did not have the injuries, I would still take State. This is probably the best chance the Cowboys have had in a long time to beat the Sooners, so much so that they are expected to win. I love their offense and they will outscore the Sooners. Oklahoma will get their share, but it won’t be enough. I cannot explain the loss to Iowa State and I think that is why this line is only three. I don’t even think this game will be as close as most people think it will be.
Baylor -3 vs. Texas (three unit best bet)………….This game reminds me of the above game. Like Okie State, Baylor is going to get their share of points, especially at home. Not to impressed with Baylor’s defense, but I don’t think Texas has the QB’s or offense to take advantage of it. Baylor might not score in the 50’s like we are used to seeing because Texas does have a good defense, but they will still outscore Texas. Lets call it Baylor 37 Texas 27.
Michigan St +10 (-120) vs. Wisconsin (three unit best bet)………bought this one up to 10. Biggest factor for me in this one it this game is NOT AT WISCONSIN. This just has close game written all over it. Don’t over react to Wisconsin’s dismantling of Penn State last week. PSU was on the road and they were primed to fall apart and they did. Only advantage in my eyes that is big for Wisky is their QB. Outside of that these two are evenly matched and this line is way to big. When I first saw this line I thought why does Wisky get the conference championship game at home. I really love this one probably more than my other two best bets, but I am not putting extra on it and jinxing it.

Since I love the above three games, I think I will throw a three team tease on them as well. What the heck…….this is it until bowl games.

Three team 7 point tease (risking 3 units to win 4½ units)

Baylor +4
Oklahoma St +4
Michigan St +16½
S Mississippi +13 vs. Houston (two units)………..The whole world has been riding Houston and their amazing QB and offense. All the pressure is on Houston in this one to remain undefeated. Houston just keeps scoring and keeps covering. I said after last weeks easy win at Tulsa that I was taking Houston again this week, but I have a gut feeling Houston is due for a close game. After beating a rival on the road last week, they might be a little too comfortable/confident coming back home. S Miss has a decent team at 10-2 and they are outscoring the opposition by a score of 37-20, so they are more than capable of trading points with Houston. My gut says take the points.
Georgia +13 vs. LSU (two units)……….Let me start by saying that LSU is the best team in college football, but I don’t like all the talk about how if LSU loses they are still going to play for the championship. These are college kids and I think that will effect their play, not having the sense of urgency that they should have. Georgia has been nearly as good after starting the season 0-2. If this were at LSU it would be a different story, but playing in Georgia should bring out a superb effort this week from the Bulldogs. No I don’t see Georgia winning, but I see them leading after three quarters before LSU comes back and gets the win but not the cover.

The rest of these are one unit plays with no write-ups. Just getting some more action on this final weekend of college football.

Syracuse +10½ vs. Pittsburgh
Wyoming -5½ vs. Colorado State
Clemson +7 vs. Virginia Tech

Good Luck Everybody! Getting excited to start seeing some bowl matchups. We should know a lot more Saturday night and Sunday.