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Bookies Battle the Points Spread, WEEK #11

And here we go for week 11..

Last week there were 6 bookies that went 9-5,including Cavin Kishi who continues to lead the way!

Here’s your leaders:

Cavin Kishi, Monte Carlo, last week 9-5,overall 86-58; DEN ATL BUF BAL JAC OAK CAR GB DAL SF SEA CHI NYG NE and Best Bet is OAK

Jack Frost, Harrahs, last week 8-6, overall 82-62; DEN TEN BUF CIN CLE MIN DET TB WAS ARI SEA CHI PHI KC and Best Bet is KC

Joe Porrello, Cannery, last week 9-5, overall 82-62; NYJ TEN MIA CIN JAC OAK DET TB WAS ARI SEA CHI PHI KC and Best Bet is NYJ

Frank Turco, last week 6-8, overall 81-63; NYJ TEN BUF CIN JAC OAK CAR TB DAL ARI STL CHI PHI NE and Best Bet is JAC

I thought I would through in the Consensus picks this week(last week 6-8,overall 76-68), and here they are: NYJ TEN BUF CIN CLE OAK DET GB DAL ARI STL CHI NYG NE
Top Consensus pick(s) this week are CHI and STL as 40 out of 55 bookies selected the Bears and Rams this week.

Consensus vs Top Bookies:

4 Key differences this week between the top 4 and the Consensus. 3 out of 4 Bookies have selected the Jaguars, Bucs, Seahawks and the Eagles. The consensus is on the other side in these match ups, taking the Browns, Packers, Rams and the Giants.

This week we have a couple small line moves to consider. The bookies picked the Packers at –13.5, and that line has moved on the other side of 14 now to –14.5. They picked the Vikings at –1.5 and that’s now Pick-em. They picked the Giants game at –3.5 and that line has moved now to NYG-5.5.

The top Best Bet this week is the New England Patriots, as 6 Bookies made the Pats their top selection. Falcons were 2nd with 5 selections.


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Great Info as always.. TY for sharing :)

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