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Positives and Negatives about the new site

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On 09/03/2011 01:11 AM in General
I would like to do this to make this site as great as possible...

things i like.
-the ability to post from the main page into the specific forum i want with a drop down menu.
-the new points system for each user
-reviews of each betting site
-you can be followed/and follow other people

things i don't like.
-mobile system for me doesn't work at all; i like fast and easy, but i can't even sign on to be honest..
-there are no view numbers by each post...(that's big for me), i like to see the popularity of a single post, some smart posts might get lost in translation...

i think that everyone should add or maybe even subtract from this list and we can have the best site for BTB!!!
Good luck.
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