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On 09/04/2014 09:40 AM in Contests

Contest Pick Issues - NFL

We are aware that some of you are having issues making picks.....the tech gurus are working on it but some are having no problems either....MAKE sure you log in on the main page before going to the contest section - that may help....or try the mobile site....

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hitmen44 Posts:2374 Followers:8
09/04/2014 03:46 PM

anybody know of a broswer that works on laptop.thanks

trytrytry Posts:1726 Followers:5
09/04/2014 03:51 PM

none working hitmen Ive tried 4 of them...from laptop..

unless you have a MAC? do you?

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09/04/2014 04:42 PM

Try refreshing your browser? I just made picks using internet explorer for the Bet 10 and Share Pool....just e-mailed the tech folks again....

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09/04/2014 04:50 PM

If it's any consolation Spooky is having the same issues and can't put any picks in - we'll get this fixed...don't worry...

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btb Posts:2270 Followers:164
09/04/2014 05:30 PM

I tried and had no luck on any browsers, all contests seem locked. Unfortunately programmers are 6hrs ahead and its midnight there. So tonight nothing is going to work.

Sorry atleast its not the weekend!

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hitmen44 Posts:2374 Followers:8
09/05/2014 12:12 PM

its working for me now.thanks

finance Posts:8953 Followers:230
09/05/2014 12:34 PM

OK Great - supposed to be fixed now...Good Luck everyone!!

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  • 09/05/2014 04:57 PM

    If you try to change the pod play it is kicking back to home page for some reason. Thanks guys

thehitman Posts:2844 Followers:5
09/05/2014 06:17 PM

Still not working for lines show up & cursor can't pick teams. Tried Mozilla, IE & aol. Got the 5 team contest in thru Iphone, but it will be a pain in the butt with (especially) the share pool. Finance, remember I reported this last week? Hoping for the best. Also on AOl & IE, the Facebook page comes up and supercedes the BTB main page & I can't get rid of it. It doesn't happen with Mozilla

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theguesser Posts:18 Followers:0
09/06/2014 07:09 AM

I still can't enter. I've tried on my PC on IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and on an Android Tablet and Phone.

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