finance Posts:9069 Followers:230
On 04/22/2014 09:18 AM in NBA

3 home teams REALLY need a win tonight

Sure it can happen, but going down 2-0 at home does not bode well for your series result.....the lines are quite in favor of a home team sweep tonight with all of the home teams favored by at least 5 points....

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Somehow I have a feeling at least one of them will lose.....will Indiana continue what could be an epic collapse? Brooklyn going 2-0 would barely be a surprise and the Bulls don't appear to have a second gear that will step them up for playoff competition....

So what happens tonight?

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endymion Posts:391 Followers:18
04/22/2014 09:59 AM

I think Pacers win easily tonight and Bulls will also find a way, but I have no confidence in the Raptors at all

jimmythegreek Posts:12168 Followers:390
04/22/2014 12:28 PM

These lower seeded road teams have virtually nothing to lose. If they have the opportunity to go two up, the lower seeds will look to take advantage putting the pressure on the higher seeds when they take to the road. Chicago IMO has the best chance to even things up, however Indiana has looked lost over the last 2 months as well as in game 1 and you could flip a coin in Brooklyn vs. Toronto.

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