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On 04/10/2014 10:22 AM in Contests

Congrats to the Winners of the College Tourney Share Pool Contest

Some crazy totals here....

hitmen44 took a $2k bankroll and turned it into over $11,000 during the 3 weeks of the tournaments...Yowza!
hatman quadrupled his book to over $8k but had to settle for 2nd
Spidsparks more than tripled his roll and finished 3rd
harver was up to over $5,500 and finished 4th
Spooky ONLY doubled his bankroll in 3 weeks so he had to settle for 5th....

Unbelievable job guys! The winners have been submitted and will hopefully be credited today or tomorrow...

Stay tuned - we will have another one of these exclusively for the NBA playoffs......

  • All Time Record: 1952-1937-53
  • Last 7 Days Record: 14-21-2
  • Last 30 Days Record: 66-92-2