btb Posts:2233 Followers:159
On 03/17/2014 02:37 PM in NCAA Basketball

Midwest Bracket

I was looking this one over, and read it elsewhere are well but Michigan, Louisville and Wichita St all in the same bracket to me sucks, would have like to break those teams up. Or even place 1 of those 3 outside of the bracket. I guess it shows the committee does not want to see more then one of those make the final 4

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spooky Posts:4171 Followers:296
03/17/2014 02:46 PM

Wichita State is in the same bracket as the teams that were in the Final Four we saw last year in Atlanta. So you know we will be seeing a few different teams this year. Florida/Arizona/Michigan State/Louisville would be a really fun Final Four though. Although hard to pass up rooting for Kentucky. lol

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jimmythegreek Posts:10534 Followers:377
03/17/2014 02:56 PM

Wichita St may look like they have a tough draw, but I think they cruise out of the Midwest. If there's a couple of teams that face a roadblock late, it's Arizona and Virginia. I think Villanova and San Diego St will replace those 2 # 1 seeds in the final 4.

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