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On 02/18/2014 07:24 PM in NCAA Basketball


Miami vs. Dallas, 02/18/2014 20:30
Miami -2/-110
Units: 3 of 10

hi everyone,like a few games tonight so here goes

miami -2 the heat have been playing well,small number shave a half pt and i think they can win by a bucket

San Antonio vs. LA Clippers, 02/18/2014 22:30
LA Clippers -6/-110
Units: 5 of 10

clippers -6 paul is back and spurs still have many players out give the 6

Utah State vs. San Diego State, 02/18/2014 23:05
San Diego State -10/-110
Units: 3 of 10

san diego st -10 utah st have some big number losses on the road and they were not against 1 of the top 5 teams in the nation.laying the big number.

well that it have not played anything in a few days so hoping to start a streak tonight.good luck everyone

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02/18/2014 07:25 PM

also liked louisville tonight but was to late to post