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On 02/01/2014 06:26 AM in Contests

Congrats to hitmen44 for winning the final weekly POD!

Great Job man!

For everyone who finished 2-6 this week your points have been credited so you can pick your squares for the super Duper contest any time before the game starts.......

Good Luck with the squares everyone!

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sharpsquare Posts:2202 Followers:5
02/01/2014 08:39 AM

Congrats hitmen44 , hell of a job handicapping ! Congrats to other 2-6 finishers on the SB squares.

hitmen44 Posts:1820 Followers:7
02/03/2014 05:36 PM

thanks guys i got lucky jimmythegreek lost two of his last three plays he was on a roll all week.thanks for the contest.