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On 01/30/2014 09:10 AM in Sportsbooks

so far so good with the ones ive choosen

I'm with 4 books as of now, I am soon to try my experiences with others. But my current 4 are bovado which was my first and longest business venture, they have been great decent time on pay outs, great odds, underdogs are the best lines, nice promotions. Slow line release is my biggest issue and they lock up picks to straights and/or parlay a lot. Still not enough to complain about. My other 3 I joined a while after bovado which are top bet , sportsbooks.ag and bet online. I like them all,offer unique advantages in comparison to each other. Actually top bet and sportsbooks are almost exactly the same must be same owners. Wish I would've explored another instead of two similar. I still use both and will continue but I'm trying to exploit each books advantages. Hope this helps anyone who may be less knowledgeable of these sites. I'm going to look into some others to join and will share my experiences. Hopefully I avoid any bad ones outside of my own bad luck. I'm new here by the way hope no one thinks I'm a one post trying to promote. I just appreciate sites like this that helps give vets and newbies alike the best chance of a fair shake. It's horrible to buy into something that seems legit only to get shamed in the end, doesn't really matter the circumstances, sportsbooks or new supplement, or used car. Being deceived stings regardless the situation. Any ways good luck and good day. Wish you all the best.

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01/30/2014 09:59 AM

Hey rick if you like bonuses take a look at WagerWeb....best bonuses going right now and great customer service! Use the BTB link at the side for the best deals....

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