marksmoneymakers Posts:24309 Followers:141
On 01/22/2014 09:54 AM in NFL

Who do you take?

Just curious. Put a gun to your head and you are forced to bet the Superbowl right now, who are you taking? Just curious. I am all over Denver and not touching the least not yet.

jimmythegreek Posts:11989 Followers:389
01/22/2014 12:22 PM

Both of these teams are adjusted to the cold weather elements. Think the total which opened at 48 is a couple of points lower than were I anticipated it to be. Denver and the over for me.

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finance Posts:8944 Followers:230
01/22/2014 01:18 PM

Agree on Denver if gun to my head, but the weather could be such a factor so not touching it yet....

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hatman Posts:655 Followers:16
01/22/2014 04:26 PM

like denver right now but in 2 weeks that could change.have not even looked at the early line yet

marksmoneymakers Posts:24309 Followers:141
01/22/2014 07:29 PM

Seattle actually opened as a two point fav, but it quickly reversed. I think this line could hit 3.5 or 4 before dropping back down again. My brother in law is actually getting married in Las Vegas and we are going to the wedding. My wife and I will actually be in Vegas on Super Bowl Sunday....with his bachelor party to follow the game.

  • 01/23/2014 02:33 PM

    Now THAT's freaking COOL!!!

    Hope you have a great time!

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