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On 11/01/2011 04:53 PM in NHL

JB's NHL First Post

Going to delve a little on the puck side of things.

TOTAL under 5½-130 (OTTAWA vrs BOSTON)

If it wasn't for sports, I'd have nothing look forward to
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11/01/2011 05:12 PM

Good Luck JB.....I don't even know enough to be dangerous but I certainly hope they hit for you...

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11/01/2011 06:36 PM


TOTAL under 5½-130 (MINNESOTA vrs DETROIT)

If it wasn't for sports, I'd have nothing look forward to
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11/02/2011 04:44 AM

lol this is what the nba lockout has done to us...resorting to betting on nhl games during the week when not much else is happening. i say we bill david stern with all of our losses! :)

Good luck.
  • 11/02/2011 09:21 AM

    Good idea premium! Too funny - can you just imagine his face when he gets a bill for a gazillion dollars (well maybe not that much if you guys know more about NHL than me)

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11/02/2011 09:23 AM

Whenever the NBA lockout ends the damage is already done. The league will feel it in the attendance and I for one will hold a chip on my shoulder until they can earn back the respect of NBA fans. College couldn't start soon enough. 1999 all over again with a shortened schedule and whomever wins the championship will sport a nice big fat asterisk next to their names.

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11/02/2011 09:52 AM

Yep - as I said in Mark's NBA thread right now is where we will miss it...bases are over and there's only 3-5 football games to look at before Saturday....come on College Hoops....

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