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Ever use fantasy sports as a hedge?

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On 10/31/2011 10:58 PM in General
I know there are a ton of daily fantasy sport sites out there(I'll leave names out as to not seem like I'm plugging any) and was wondering if anyone ever use sites like these as a type of hedge against regular betting? I've done it a few times if there is a player or two left going into the sunday or monday night games for NFL, or into the late games in NHL. I was just seeing if anyone else had done this or different strategies for doing this
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11/01/2011 09:18 AM
That's not a bad idea. Really never thought of it until mentioned. For those fantasy players that might certainly work to their advantage.
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11/02/2011 09:34 AM
To be honest I am surprised more books havent picked up fantasy "betting" I know Beted had something before they went under...Maybe it would allow people to hedge bets too much
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