marksmoneymakers Posts:9049 Followers:137
On 10/30/2011 02:58 PM in NCAA Football

Why me???

This is just the kind of year I am having in college football. First I should have waited and got 8 with USC on Saturday, so I only got 7.5. USC led most of the game so I was feeling pretty good after losing the bulk of my day games. Then I check the scoreboard and see the game is in over-time. I figure cool....most Stanford can win by is 7. Who goes for a two point conversion?? I guess Stanford does. I am very close to hanging up the football spikes for another year in college. Who can blame me. Luckily I am a small better, so all my units does not bankrupt me. Just had to vent.

bobalou Posts:4890 Followers:142
10/30/2011 03:03 PM

Mark... Don't quote me on this but I believe in College once the game goes into the 3rd overtime the team HAS TO go for the 2 point conversion if they score a TD.

But I totally understand your disappointment. My football year has been so up and down it's very discouraging. Hang it there my friend

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marksmoneymakers Posts:9049 Followers:137
10/30/2011 03:55 PM

Now that you mention it, that does sound familiar. So many Stanford does not hate me..............

jimmythegreek Posts:10320 Followers:375
10/30/2011 04:02 PM

USC did have a chance to tie it and send it to a 4th OT, so worst case scenario would have been for a Trojan TD and then miss the 2 pointer. Felt horrible for Spooky big time too.

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10/30/2011 08:00 PM


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