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On 12/18/2013 03:59 PM in Contests

BTB's Bowl Game Share Pool Contest

Share Pool Contest Free to Enter (20 Points) with some tremendous Prizes!!

Just like we had with the monthly football share pool contests this works like a mock sportsbook and covers all of the bowl games...

The first game is Saturday but I have the contest starting up tomorrow (12/19) so you can get your picks in....

To enter the contest please click HERE

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hitmen44 Posts:2448 Followers:8
12/18/2013 08:41 PM

thanks for the contest.

spidsparks Posts:673 Followers:5
12/20/2013 01:13 PM

short of points but hope to enter. Thx!

spidsparks Posts:673 Followers:5
12/21/2013 01:46 PM

3 more points and I will be in