Detroit vs. Kansas City
2 : 0
LA Angels vs. Texas
3 : 2
Pittsburgh vs. Cincinnati
4 : 2
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Game 6

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On 10/26/2011 11:23 AM in MLB
Well Guys... it's almost down to the "Nut Cutting" {as they say}

Will Game 6 result in a 3 - 3 game tie or will Texas take it all tonight.

Personally while I really like both teams - after game 5 I kinda hope Texas pulls it out... However I won't lie and tell you that I wouldn't mind it going to game 7.

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Pfile Nickname jimmythegreek
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10/26/2011 11:28 AM
I like Texas to win the series but I'm going to stick to my guns when it all started predicting a 7th game.

St. Louis -115 over 7
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Pfile Nickname minet123
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10/26/2011 01:07 PM
I am going with Texas tonight
Cads bullpen is due for a let down ad the double plays are killing them
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Pfile Nickname jb
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10/26/2011 03:31 PM
Gotta roll with The Rangers on this one..........again. Taking the under as well.

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