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65 dallas stars +105

Good luck.
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66 phoenix

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101 TROY

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not sure why my post isnt here....mark, check my content/replies...def got dallas in at around 5pm last night. don't want to use another pass. didn't edit or anything which is kinda strange that it's not up here. i've copied my content here just to make sure. thanks

10/25/2011 07:21 PM
Choose 1 Play a day in MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, College Football, College Basketball. There is no need to post the lines for this contest. We will use the CLOSING LINE from NO TOTALS ARE ALLOWED. NO MONEYLINES ARE ALLOWED. ROTATION NUMBERS MUST BE POSTED WITH PLAY OR IT WILL NOT COUNT. THIS MAKES LIFE EASIER ON ME. NO EXCEPTIONS. With the start of the regular season we are adding baseball to the list. In MLB a favorite can be no more than a -130 or must be a dog. If you choose a game and the closing line moves out of range (was -130 when you picked it, but closed at -140) it will be a no play, but you will not have to burn a pass in that situation since you have no way of knowing the closing line. Any questions please ask. I am going to start posting lines for this contest. They are going to be the exact lines that we use in the pod contest. This will take the guess work out of lines moving and will make it easier to follow our max -130 favorite rule. I always try and get the lines posted the night before and if I cannot they will be posted early in the morning. Any questions......please ask Just a note about hockey. Same as baseball, you cannot take something over -130. I am not sure how much hockey lines move, but I will post the lines the night before just like I do in baseball. If the lines are moving too much, where you have a team at -120 and it jumps to -160, everybody may have to wait until I get home from work to post more accurate lines. I usually get home no later that 6:00.

premiumplaya 10/25/2011 04:58 PM
65 dallas stars +105

Good luck.