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On 11/01/2013 09:09 AM in Contests

BTB November POD Contest

NBA, NCAAB, NFL, NCAAF POD Contest - free to enter (20 points)

Great prizes - to enter click HERE

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11/02/2013 10:58 AM

Thanks again, as always

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11/02/2013 01:08 PM

tried to make a pick in pod nov contests when i pick it says that i dont have enough points?

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11/18/2013 04:40 PM

November POD

the rules state one NBA pick only... am I missing something?

just pointing it out
it appears
some are picking from every league . nba picks have been brutal... either way ...i'm just curious...

t/y in advance

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12/01/2013 01:45 AM

Ouch, I took FSU game over 45. Landed on 44. As a result, I got knocked down from 3rd to 5th. I shouldn't have picked!