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On 11/01/2013 08:57 AM in Contests

BTB's November Share Pool Football Contest

Running the same as last month - For December we will have a bowl contest - this month NFL and College Foots
Some great prizes and free to enter (20 points)

to enter the contest click HERE

  • All Time Record: 2091-2088-57
  • Last 7 Days Record: 2-3-0
  • Last 30 Days Record: 27-30-1
spidsparks Posts:673 Followers:5
11/01/2013 06:38 PM

Thx. Hope to enter once I have the needed points.

thehitman Posts:2870 Followers:5
11/02/2013 10:59 AM

Thanks again, as always

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11/04/2013 03:15 AM

nice contest