thehitman Posts:2873 Followers:5
10/26/2013 08:04 AM


Never, ever criticize someone until you have walked a mile in their shoes........for at that point they will be a mile away. And you'll have their shoes !
thehitman Posts:2873 Followers:5
10/26/2013 08:35 AM

Most everything else I played has jumped most considerably by this AM.-
WASH - 24.5
SMU - 12.5
And gave a couple of big faves a very small ride. The makers that be have finally caught up with the value-seekers it looks like (Oregon)
MISS - 41
Baylor - 34.5

Never, ever criticize someone until you have walked a mile in their shoes........for at that point they will be a mile away. And you'll have their shoes !
pleiner10 Posts:5914 Followers:44
10/26/2013 09:32 AM

100* Texas +2.5
50* Temple +14

jimmythegreek Posts:12210 Followers:390
10/26/2013 09:51 AM

Ball St -9 over Akron
Ball St/Akron over 54
Central Florida -23.5 over Connecticut
Connecticut/Central Florida under 52.5
Houston +7.5 over Rutgers (bought half)
Houston/Rutgers over 60
Louisville -20 over Central Florida
Louisville/Central Florida over 46.5
Nebraska -9.5 over Minnesota (bought half)
Nebraska/Minnesota over 52.5
Iowa -3 over Northwestern (bought half)
Northwestern/Iowa over 52.5
Oklahoma St -12.5 over Iowa St
Oklahoma St/Iowa St over 55.5
Miami -23.5 over Wake Forest (bought half)
Wake Forest/Miami under 55
Texas A&M -16.5 over Vanderbilt (bought half)
Vanderbilt/Texas A&M over 69
Georgia Tech -9.5 over Virginia (bought half)
Georgia Tech/Virginia over 48.5
Navy +5.5 over Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh/Navy over 52
Ohio -25.5 over Miami Ohio
Bowling Green -4 over Toledo
Toledo/Bowling Green under 57.5
Temple +14.5 over SMU (bought half)
Temple/SMU under 62
Massachusetts -4 over Western Michigan
Boston College +7 over North Carolina (bought half)
Boston College/North Carolina under 59
Buffalo PK over Kent St
Buffalo/Kent St over 50
Clemson -16.5 over Maryland
Clemson/Maryland under 60
Duke +13 over Virginia Tech
Duke/Virginia Tech over 47.5
Northern Illinois -30.5 over Eastern Michigan (bought half)
Michigan St -9.5 over Illinois
Michigan St/Illinois over 49.5
Florida St -32 over North Carolina St
Alabama -27.5 over Tennessee (bought half)
Tennessee/Alabama over 51.5
Rice -18.5 over UTEP
UTEP/Rice over 58.5
Texas Tech +6 over Oklahoma
Texas Tech/Oklahoma under 60
Tulane +3.5 over Tulsa (bought half)
Tulsa/Tulane over 48.5
Kansas St -11.5 over West Virginia
West Virginia/Kansas St over 51.5
Troy/Western Kentucky over 61.5
Utah +5.5 over USC
Utah/USC over 52
Notre Dame -20 over Air Force
UAB +8 over UTSA
UAB/UTSA over 59.5
Louisiana Tech -5 over Florida International
UNLV +6 over Nevada
Baylor -34 over Kansas (bought half)
North Texas -12 over Southern Miss
North Texas/Southern Miss over 50.5
South Alabama -2 over Texas St
South Alabama/Texas St over 50.5
Missouri -2.5 over South Carolina
South Carolina/Missouri over 53
Oregon -23 over UCLA
UCLA/Oregon under 72
Wyoming +8.5 over San Jose St
Auburn -23.5 over Florida Atlantic
Mississippi -40.5 over Idaho (bought half)
Idaho/Mississippi over 58
Texas +3 over TCU (bought half)
Texas/TCU over 51.5
Arizona -13 over Colorado
Arizona/Colorado over 56
Ohio St -15.5 over Penn St
Penn St/Ohio St over 55.5
Fresno St -6.5 over San Diego St (bought half)
Fresno St/San Diego St over 62
Oregon St +4.5 over Stanford
Stanford/Oregon St over 56
Washington -27.5 over California (bought half)
California/Washington under 67
Colorado St -2 over Hawaii
Colorado St/Hawaii over 54

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