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On 10/08/2013 01:16 PM in Sportsbooks

1Vice sportsbook

little info on 1Vice.

my son and several other of his friends have deposited and been playing at 1Vice. One of his friends deposited $200.00 dollars (first deposit ever at a sportsbbook) and got the 200% + bonus. he hit several large parlays in the first two weeks of football season and ran his account up to 1500.00. they cut his limits to 100.00 (which he was not even playing that much on any game). he hit 2 more parlays last weekend and account is 2400.00. he told me yesterday he's been trying to figure how to meet his rollover as he lacks about 4000.00 to meet rollover. anyway he got a call this morning from 1Vice and and they said his account is frozen and he could not bet anymore (has 5 bets pending for this weekend) but they would honor the best he had pending. They said they were going to dismiss his rollover and pay him what he had in his account at the present time. he asked why and they said they were a book for recrecational players and from what they could tell he is a pro.

He called me and was happiest person in the world today as he figured he was probably going to lose most of his account before he met the rollover. as far as being a pro, he could not name 3 player on any college team except for Alabama and he knows all the their players. sometimes it better to be lucky than good.

just a heads up for everyone on 1Vice.

best of luck to everyone this weekend.

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10/08/2013 04:41 PM

Wow interesting story - hope he gets his cash....can't believe a book would do that so fast and only for a couple of thousand...tell him congrats and never bet again - LOL....

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10/08/2013 05:09 PM

1vice does this to anyone who wins a little

they say you're obviously not a rec bettor

they do pay though

they have a very loose definition of what constitutes a "pro"

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10/08/2013 05:30 PM

Its a tight book who doesn't like winners , losing players are welcome in bunches. I understand it is their business model and to each his own but i personally never recommend them to anyone , although they have paid winning players by showing them the door, so far !

Also congrats to him on the nice score

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10/09/2013 05:52 PM

they sent him his money by moneygram except for the 5 pending plays he has in college football.

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10/10/2013 12:05 AM

AWESOME ! Glad he got his money! Now he need to reinvest a little of it in one of the books here and have some more fun (DSI, BKM, WW, JB, etc.)

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11/01/2013 06:46 PM

There are going to be winners and losers always in any game. How is one defined as a pro by these sportsbooks?

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11/20/2013 05:45 PM


From a reliable source.....The story sounds made up to me!
Who would cut limits to a guy who hit a few parlays and made
$2400.00 ? The amount is peanuts to any book.