Detroit vs. Kansas City
5 : 1
LA Angels vs. Texas
5 : 2
Pittsburgh vs. Cincinnati
5 : 5
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Random musings from NFL Week 3

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On 09/24/2013 09:41 AM in NFL
Well guess we can throw out most of what I thought I knew after week 2...certainly some surprising results..not a real surprise that Carolina beat the Giants but 38-0? Holy Crap...

Colts go to SF and win convincingly as a 10 point dog....looks like Seattle published the play-book to beat the Niners...

Mentioned last week that 0-2 wasn't a death sentence but 0-3 is close - turns out that the last 0-3 team to make the playoffs was in 1998 (wow that's really 15 years ago?) and there's only been 3 out of something like 115 since 1990 (pulling that from flashes of stuff I've heard on the radio so the numbers may not be quite right)....
Giants, Redskins, Vikings, Bucs, Steelers and Jaguars I guess it's thanks for playing....see you next year...

Oh and that Peyton Manning dude is pretty good - lol

Denver has scored 127 points winning their 3 games by an average of almost 19 a game...Green Bay and Chicago are next in line with 96 and 95 points respectively....

Obviously who you've played tells most of the story but the Giants have given up 115 points losing their 3 games by an average of 20 points...Washington and Minnesota (also aforementioned as 0-3) are next in line giving up 98 and 96 points respectively...

Seattle has only allowed 27 points in their 3 games and 10 of those were after they were up 38-7 last week...New England and KC are second on the list giving up 34 points each....note also that all 3 of these teams are 3-0 and also shows that you can get there in other ways than lighting up the scoreboard like Peyton and Co....

Wonder how many folks are rushing to pick up Brian Hoyer for their fantasy teams this week? Wonder how many of them had even heard of him before Sunday?

Remember last week I said you can do anything with numbers?
New Orleans PF 70 PA 38 +21
Carolina PF 68 PA 36 +21

New Orleans 3-0, Carolina 1-2....

Green Bay and Atlanta both had double-digit leads in the second half and lost Sunday both on the road....have to think they will come to regret those losses later on this year....

That's all I have for now....please feel free to add any thoughts here...just rambling on a Tuesday - LOL
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