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On 09/08/2013 02:07 PM in NFL


For all the praise Weeden got this preseason and decent numbers last year. 3 INT day = BAD

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marksmoneymakers Posts:9968 Followers:137
09/08/2013 02:26 PM

Speaking as a Dolphins fan, that is the only reason Miami is winning right now.

marksmoneymakers Posts:9968 Followers:137
09/08/2013 02:33 PM

Starting to get depressed. Browns take a 7-6 lead at halftime. Miami has a whopping 7 yards rushing. Unless Weeden throws three more int's, it is not looking good.

jimmythegreek Posts:10494 Followers:376
09/08/2013 04:35 PM

Tannehill throws a score and Thomas runs another one in as Miami dominates the second half for a 13 point win!

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marksmoneymakers Posts:9968 Followers:137
09/08/2013 05:09 PM

Wish we had Reggie Bush back. He had a great day in Detroit. I will take the win though. I think we have a winnable game at the colts next week as well. If the Raiders can go in there and almost we, surely the dolphins can.

sharpsquare Posts:2189 Followers:5
09/09/2013 12:43 PM

Watched some of this one and OUCH a couple of those INT's by Weeden were just horrible throws and he couldn't of played any worse.