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On 08/23/2013 10:09 AM in General

Saratoga Friday..........

Race 1 we did not wager on, but the old scenerio comes in. Sheppard trainer wins again.

Race 5 we passed. I personally did 1/2,5 exacta, come in 2-5-1 I never boxed it.

Race 6 took a chance with the 6. We had 8-6-1 box comes in 8-2-1 UGH!!

Race 7 we boxed the 8-7-6, use the 4 if you wanted. Comes in 6-7-8-4 We hit a $41.00 exacta. I personally had 8-7-6 Triple.......8-7-6-4 super.............BUT NOOOO!!!!!

Race 8 nothing, we had 3rd place with the 7 horse.

Race 9 we tried ALL/1 ............ 1 did not fire. But the trainer McLaughlin had another winner at a long price. He is on fire the last 10 days at the Spa. Bringing in the bombs........ $18.00 and a $24.00 winner on Thursday. He had $6.80 winner and a $47.20 winner on Wednesday......

Fridays picks..............

Race 4 Box 1-7-8 use the 3 as a saver.

Race 5 baby race. PASSING

Race 7 Box 5-3-2 the 1 is the favorite. Looking for more value.

Race 8 Tough Race. plenty of horses in here on a turf sprint. Looking at Servis training the 8. I like the 3 with LInda Rice and Cornelio V. Now, Mike Smith is in town for the big race tmrw. He is on the 11 horse, AH GAGA. The horse can run. 6 starts, 2 wins, 2 places. 10 life time starts, 6 in the money. Mike Smith can ride and may bring in a bomb.
The 9 is constant as well and is 9 years old. Very mature horse.
This will come down to which horse breaks well. With 11 horses in this you can't stumble at the gate.
Feel free to hold off, but I am taking a chance with the 8-3-11

Race 9 is a dirt race, but it is a very good race. The 1 horse is has 7 starts, 6 wins, 1 place. WOW!! Book Review (5) is a phenominal horse who is coming into his prime. I would use him to win. Saratoga is the graveyard of favorites, if you are inclined to look for a long shot...... 9 looks dangerous.

Race 10 VERY VERY tough race. Anyone can win this race to be honest. 12 horses on the turf, non-winners. There are some very good breeding connections in here. Hot trainers in here, multiple jockey trianer scenarios.......

Here is something I noticed. The 7 horse, BRILLIANT COMMAND. Runs on August 4 here at Saratoga in its first time out.
Hits a buyer figure of 95. Now, horses usually run better second time out. This was this horses 1st career start and he has the BEST buyer figure of the entire field of experienced horses. If this horse does any improvment off that race he should be the winner. Not sure who to use with him. Use what ever you want, but you should use the 7 in exotics.
This is a very very tough race.

Box 7-10-12

Good luck if you choose to follow.