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On 10/14/2011 05:38 PM in NFL

easy system hitting 70% since start of last year

not a system player but have been betting this one since late last november as was picking side great but betting unders in the late games and getting killed. since I posted here it will probably go to 30% winners instead of 70% winners it has been hitting.

System is bet all overs blindly on 4pm est start time in NFL. hit 70% last yeat for season and hitting 70% so far this year. also the sunday night overs have been hitting great.

last year 49 winners and 23 losers with 1 push for 70% for 4pm starts. this year 14 winners and 6 loses for 70% for 4 pm starts. 2010 sunday night games went 9 winners and 6 loses with one tie and one game cancelled for 60%. this year sng is 4 winners and 1 loss for 80%. this was using closing lines from scores and odds so may be a little better with opening odds. like I said earier this could easy go to crap the next 12 weeks of season so proceed with caution. It is just for everyone's info.

listing the week by week records below.

2010 week by week record using closing lines from scores and odds.
Sept 12- day 0-3 night 0-1
Sept 19- day 4-1 night 1-0
Sept 26- day 3-2 night 1-0
Oct 3- day 3-1 night 0-1
Oct 10- day 3-0 night 1-0
Oct 17- day 2-1 night 1-0
Oct 24- day 1-2 night 1-0
Oct 31- day 3-1 night 0-1
Nov 7- day 3-0 night 1-0
Nov 14- day 4-0 night 1-0
Nov 21- day 3-1 night 0-1
Nov 28- day 4-1 night push
Dec 5- day 3-2 night 0-1
Dec 12- day 3-3 night 1-0
Dec 19- day 3-0 night 1-0
Dec 26- day 4-1 night game cancelled snow
Jan 2- day 3-4 night 0-1

2011 record week by week
Sept 11- day 3-1 night 1-0
Sept 18- day 3-1 night 1-0
Sept 25 day 2-4 night 1-0
Oct 2- day 3-2 night 1-0
Oct 9- day 3-0 night 0-1

best of luck to everyone this week

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10/14/2011 05:40 PM

edited to put 70% in title

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10/14/2011 05:45 PM

WOW... can't argue with winning % like that Thanks for sharing Bulldog

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10/15/2011 02:42 PM

going to watch this thanks

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10/15/2011 08:59 PM

intersting since you would think with morning parlays rolling into late games these overs would be even higher yet they are stilln going over..

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10/16/2011 09:43 AM

Wow pretty crazy will make me think twice on unders at four

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10/16/2011 11:35 AM

This is exactly why I joined this site. We're all a little gambling community sharing huge insider info like this. lol

Great info man! Much appreciated!

R.I.P. Entourage. I shall miss you dearly. =[

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