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Saratoga day 16

Well not a good day for cashing tickets for this thread, but a good day picking the right horses.........

Race 1 we get 1st and 3rd. Costellano on the turf wins at 12-1. Had it to win. Too bad we did not do 2 over all. $750 exacta

Race 2 I like the 5 horse Kettle Twist to win. Comes in 2nd. The 3 horse comes in third, again Costellano on the turf

Race 7 Loved Funny Money. He wins and we get nothing else. Should have done that horse over ALL.

Race 8 (printed as race 9, my mistake) we get 2nd and 3rd. No winner. unreal. The horse trained by Service came in 2nd. Once again, he was in the money and he had Costellano on board. Costellano on the turf.

All around it today, but no bullseye. very frustrating.

We should start to see repeat horses very soon. Hopefully things will start hitting for big bucks. I am still waiting for the two horses that went opening weekend and got bad rides to run again.

Todays picks............

Race 4 Nothing to impressive. Costellano on the 3 should win easily. Best horse in the field. PASS on this race.

Race 5 Costellano and Chad Brown on the 4. SmittenwithKitten is a good horse and Rosario is on board. He has been good on the turf. Linda Rice and Cornelio on the 3. It is not a sprint, but it is turf and Cornelio always gives an effort.
BOX 3-4-9

Race 7 This is a good race. Some good horses in here. Lawyer Jim I posted about weeks ago. He won at HUGE odds and he is back. I recognize Front and SneakyKitten. Linda Rice and Cornelio on the turf and this is this horses first time out this year. is this a prep for another race later this year or is this horse ready to go. Costellano is on the turf here as well with the 5 horse Mia Poppy. Good competitive race.
BOX 10-6-5 I mentioned the 3 horse with Linda Rice, but I think that horse is out for a prep. Going to go against it.
If you want more odds try the 4 horse and here is a little tip. If you can get a paddock picture of this horse
and if the trainer BOND is wearing a bright blue sports coat. Use the 4 horse. He wears bright sports coats
when he is going to the winners circle so he stands out in the photo. Sounds like a joke, but it is true.

Race 9 1.5 miles turf race. If the 8 gets in, use the 8. It is a good horse. I think the 1 wins. Graham Motion and Edgar Prado. I would do 1/ALL exacta.

Race 10 box 1-3-7 I could see the 9 in for odds. This trainer is pretty good on the turf and Irad Ortiz Jr. can bring in the long shots.

Good luck if you choose to follow. Tough day yesterday. So close on every race. I give out the horses that I think have a chance, hopefully you use them any way you want and have made money.

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08/05/2013 11:05 AM

Good luck love the spa here are the pick 4s I'm playing

2,5,6,8/1,6/2,3,5/5,6,9 early

2,4,5,6,7/1,3,5,6/1,2,4,5/1 late

Huge pick 6 carryover at delmar on Wednesday

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08/05/2013 11:30 AM

Good Luck BigCat. Suprisingly enough I do not do Pick 3 and Pick 4's. I should though. I try to stick to turf only races.

I like your late pick 4. The single in the last is a good choice. Monster horse in the 1. 1A is not bad either.

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08/05/2013 03:19 PM

Looks like you did well on the early pick 4. Congrats Bigcat.