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Sunday - Hey All & Thoughts

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On 10/09/2011 12:07 PM in NFL
Hubby is finally doing lots better! Surgery went well and he is getting around pretty much on his own. Still no bending or lifting - I get to do all that - while it's tiring for me it's helping him so all is good.

Hope everyone had a profitable Saturday. Mine turned out pretty well.

Most of you know I love teasers... These are the teams I took as well as mix and matched in teasers today... GL EVERYONE

Philadelphia/Buffalo over 52
Houston -5 (worries me a little due to Oaklands emotion factor today)
New Orleans -6
New Orleans/Carolina over 51
Tennessee +3.5
Tennessee/Pittsburgh over 40
NYG -9
New England -7
San Diego -3
Green Bay -6
Green Bay/Atlanta over 53
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10/09/2011 12:19 PM
You should be fine today with those plays. I'm a little leery on the Tennessee/Pittsburgh total but overall on most of the other plays straight up and in parlays. Best of luck today!
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