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05/27/2013 01:14 PM

GL with the system finance , will def be following along and seeing how it does

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05/27/2013 07:54 PM


Texas over 8 -115 to win 2.15

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05/28/2013 10:57 AM

Whew - OK got 3 of the 6 covered on the first day (although it took the 2nd game of the Texas DH but they made it over)
3 left - sure would like to nail at least 2 of these tonight -

Detroit Under 9.5 -120 to win 2.05 Units
Tampa Under 7.5 -115 to win 2 Units
LAA Under 8 -105 to win 2 Units

Fortunately not too much juice if any on the first leg....let's see what happens!

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05/29/2013 10:18 AM

OK got 2 of the 3 last night - only one left in the second chase leg -

Tampa/Miami Under 8 -120 to win 4.30

Let's get this!!!

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05/29/2013 01:20 PM

Seems like early tests show positive results especially if TB/ Mia Under hits tonight. Seeing as how you already have profited from this 3 day stretch wouldn't smart play be to take profits and run rather than risk on unfavorable pitching match up like tonight's? Also do you eliminate teams once they fall under the 60% mark? Finally where did you find those percentages as I can not find them on this site...Good Luck tonight I will be keeping eye on this trend for next few weeks giving you all the credit when cashing in...

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05/29/2013 01:29 PM

Hey Steve great questions - yes if I were smart I'd walk away LOL but I've never been accused of being smart....I thought about making it just a 2 game chase, which so far would have worked out OK as only 1 in each leg has gone to the 3rd game...

I plan on after every 2 chases or basically once per week adjusting the teams. the over/under percentages can be found quickly at with the MLB lines there are several things you can click on - injuries, etc. - if you click on "reports" it gives you an easy snapshot of the whole league - and if you look today you will see that a couple of teams should be added and removed for the next round....

remember the downfall of all chase systems is money management - if there's a leg where 3 make the 3rd one and all of them lose it will probably destroy all of the profits in one fell swoop - that may call for adjusting down to a 2 game chase....just have to see...hoping not to get killed - LOL

Hope that helps - I'm really trying to invent this as we go and hopefully can find something that's profitable in most cases....if anyone has any comments or questions/adjustments please post here....Thanks man!

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05/30/2013 11:19 AM

Nice hit last night on the TB under. Perfect example of why I don't do this for a living. I never would have had the cajones to risk that amount on what seemed like a no brainer to go over.

I started one on my own last night with your original 7 and had 4 wins, 1 loss, a push and a rainout. If they push are you going to stay at 1st leg?

Also scoresandodds count pushes as the under in their percentages. Would this skew your results?

And one last thing that has me curious your initial premise was the book will set the line according to percentage of team going over or under, yet line on Oakland which is over 62% of time is 7 1/2 for 2nd day in a row which again seems low. but what do I know I would've taken money and run. I know this system is just getting started and far from perfect but I am just trying to hit as many angles of thought as I can to help you develop so we can all profit

  • 05/30/2013 11:30 AM

    I'll look at the scoresandodds....I actually used Covers at the beginning which shows the record (22-12-5) and calculated the percentages myself but saw that scoresandodds already did it, but if they put pushes as under that won't work....

    As for Oakland the number is still low because they're playing in's not like the books are going to take a 7 and make it 8.5...maybe they shade a half run or so....I really was just making the assumption that they would, or that the public would bet the overs thinking they would continue and cause the line to be inflated, but again we are only talking a half run or so....

    Yes a push would just count as no play and I would start the next day to win 1 unit....similar to the first group where the Mets had a suspended game that cancelled the wager so I started from 1 the next day....

    Thanks for your interest and let's hope it keeps rolling!!

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05/30/2013 11:25 AM

Yeah Baby!! System now 11-0 +11.0 Units!! Definitely going tout now - LMAO!!!

No plays today as everyone is wrapping up their series from this week - will recalculate which teams I'm going to use for the next leg and start the chases tomorrow.....

Sure hope this doesn't blow up - hopefully enough profit will be booked before it does....

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05/31/2013 11:37 AM

OK the moment everyone's been waiting for!!!! LOL...

Current teams that qualify - based on my calculations from Covers numbers -
Baltimore 61% Over
Tampa 62% Over
Toronto 60% Over
White Sox 60% Under
Oakland 62% Over
Houston 61% Over
Miami 60% Under
Arizona 60% Under

I consider it fortunate that Oakland and the White Sox are playing each other and are opposite in the system so no play and we will have 6 chases for the weekend (that's enough for me - LOL)'s plays -

Cubs/Zona Over 11 +100
Mets/Miami Over 7.5 -125
Det/Balt Under 9 -120
TB/Clev Under 8.5 +105
Hou/LAA Under 8.5 +105
Tor/SD Under 8.5 -105

Can probably find 9's at higher juice for those last 3 or certainly can get 9 at 5Dimes, but I've been using Wagerweb lines the whole time and will stick with those for the system....

Good Luck if you follow or just wish me luck if you don't - LOL....prayers continue to be welcome...LMAO

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05/31/2013 12:37 PM

GL with today's system plays Finance!

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