BTB's NBA Playoffs Share Pool Contest


  • Start date 17 April 2014
  • End date 16 June 2014
  • Days to Go 0

This is a bankroll contest, basically a mock sportsbook. Each player receives 2000 initial shares and can bet them anyway they like.

This is a College Basketball only Contest - NCAA, NIT, CBI, etc. all post-season tourneys are in play!

Betting options include: Sides, Totals, Teasers and Parlays. No
Money Lines

Once you lose all your shares (10 or less) you may reload once for another 2000 shares to play with

Max Bet 250
Min Bet 1


We will have 6 Prizes for this contest!

Contest is costs 20 points from your player account, all new accounts get 75 points to start. Points are earned via posting in the forum and other contests.

To play you must have an account at one of the sponsoring sportsbooks. Bookmaker or DSI.

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You can pick as many sides and totals as you like, over the length of the contest you must have made at least 30 picks!

All Picks are hidden till the start of the game.

Scoring is updated every 5 minutes!

There is no deadline to join however you must make at least 30 picks to qualify so leave yourself enough time to make the minimum number of picks!


Share Contest Settings

BTB's NBA Playoffs Share Pool Contest
No limit
  • Hide the pending picks summary until game time.
  • −110 (Risk 11 to win 10)


  • 1. place 400
  • 2. place 200
  • 3. place 100
  • 4. place 50
  • 5. place 40 pts
  • 6. place 20 pts