SuperBowl Square Pool


  • Start date 30 November -0001
  • End date 30 November -0001
  • Days to Go 0

Be 1 of the first 100 players to join the superbowl square pool contest and pick a square. once the game starts the pool will close and the numbers 0-9 will be randomly generated for the X and Y axis of the grid. Each point of scoring will be done automatically as the game progresses based on the last digit of each teams score. So if the score at half time is 14 - 7 then the square laying at X axis 4 and Y axis 7 would be the winner for half time score.


Must have an account with one of our sponsors

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2. Each box costs 5 points, Max 2 Boxes per user. Each user gets points for posting and users start with 70 when you open an account here at BTB

3. Pool will Auto close and draw numbers when filled OR once game starts

4. If winning box is empty no prize will be awarded.


Square Contest Settings

SuperBowl Square Pool
  • Quarter 1
  • Quarter 2 (Halftime)
  • Quarter 3
  • Quarter 4 (Final)


  • Q1. place 50
  • Q2 Halftime. place 100
  • Q3. place 50
  • Q4 Final. place 200