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10/16/2012 01:59 PM

re: streak

I didn't get the prize. is the person on vacation or anything?

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10/15/2012 05:38 PM

Sorry I didn't know I couldn't post URL's on the forum with my pick. Can I post my twitter handle?

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10/10/2012 07:17 PM

ok. sorry I didn't realize that was against the rules. I was just picking whatever it allowed me to pick.

By the way, the streak was 9 but the contest page says my high was 8. Not sure why.

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10/10/2012 12:05 PM

bummer, I was on a streak of 9 and I selected a pick yesterday, but the site says I didn't confirm it. streak now expired

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10/05/2012 04:13 PM


can you check and see if I enter the mlb playoff X@ contest twice. I must have signed up when it 1st came out as signed up a few minutes ago and already had 2 plays pending. also showing records for the POD for september and everything should be zeroed out to start this contest.

best of luck this weekend; should be great weekend for sports


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10/04/2012 10:36 AM

btb on the NFL wk4-NCAFFwk 5 contest that cose 7 points, its graded and all but I did not see a free play in my we need to EMAIL spooky or something..
I got 3rd. Im fully active at bookmaker and did a deposit just a few weeks ago as well...

let me know! great contests!

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10/03/2012 11:19 AM

No I didn't mean to post them twice. In the first post I forgot my NFL picks so I posted all my picks the second time. Sorry about that.

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09/30/2012 10:57 AM

hey, there's some kind of error on the contests page. It can't display the September MLB contest:

MLB POD Contest September

Warning: Illegal string offset 'display' in /home/bangtheb/public_html/picks/tmp/templates_c/%%86^86B^86BE9EE1%%contests.tpl.html.php on line 286
A Grand Prize
No Information Available

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09/29/2012 09:26 AM

Thanks for the SNF square contest. I played 2 squares. but it would not allow me to enter my bookmaker ID instead it forced a Diamond account number which is currently not active.


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09/29/2012 05:26 AM

Ryan just touching base on prize from MNF square contest will they be credited this weekend ?


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09/16/2012 12:00 PM

hey, in the football contest, it does not allow picking MNF. It says it's after the contest end date.

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09/10/2012 01:29 PM

hey, just making sure you received the e-mail I sent earlier

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09/09/2012 06:09 PM

false alarm I still couldn't make it to 20. I thought maybe it'd allow me