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11/19/2012 10:05 AM

Guess being an SEC fan it would be tooooo much for me to hope Notre Dame loses next week! Spooky & Scott do you magic and pull off a USC win next week PLEASE! Personal wishes aside If the Irish go undefeated I really do think they belong in the big one! But I don't have to wish them a win (well pending who they play)

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10/31/2012 07:49 PM

looks really bad on tv. went through this last april when tornado destroyed the small town where I have my farm and 2nd house and where I spend most of my time. like I said it was a small town with only 26 business but 24 of them were completly destroyed. town was without power for over 2 weeks; lucky for me as I have another house 10 miles away to go to. my prayers are with you and your family as it looked really bad on tv.

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11/03/2012 08:37 AM

Our Grand Pubah, Ryan will be back on the forum in a few days hopefully. The storm has knocked out power and gas to his home and business. Obviously dealing with insurance company and having to get new furnace, water heater and lord knows what else as he had over 8 feet of water in the basement. Thankfully everyone is safe and doing well otherwise. As soon as he gets back online he will be his normally abusive self here at the forum. :) Speedy recovery from the damage my friend. Thinking of you.

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09/25/2012 09:20 PM

MLB Kansas City vs. Detroit, 09/25/2012 19:05 Detroit -182 MLB Kansas City vs. Detroit, 09/25/2012 19:05 Over 8½/+100 MLB Tampa Bay vs. Boston, 09/25/2012 19:10 Over 8/-105 MLB St. Louis vs. Houston, 09/25/2012 20:05 Over 8/-120 To see more of flyfishingfool's plays click here.

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03/15/2012 01:55 PM

For me I usually fill out 2-3 different brackets! In my more upset bracket I have Missouri over Georgetown. And the other Michigan State over UNC. My biggest upset pick is probably Uconn over Kentucky

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02/01/2012 10:43 AM

At DSI - Giants kick off first +245 New England kick off first -305 I haven't looked at this at all, but on the surface that just seems like a strange line....I guess the G-men will take the ball and New England will defer most of the time? LOL at the "color of the drink dumped over the winning coach prop..."

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01/10/2012 11:04 AM


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01/10/2012 11:06 AM

I'am from Baton Rouge and i support the Lsu Tigers. My money was on Lsu and the over for the game and the 2nd half over. Bama made sure the Boogeyman was a loser tonight. What a great game played by Bama. They let the Tigers get past midfield once. Great offense great GREAT defense and GREAT coaching. Congratz to the #1 team Alabama. They beat a GREAT LSU football team. Coach Miles is a class guy. We have nothing to hang are heads about. The better team won tonight

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01/09/2012 11:35 PM


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01/09/2012 11:41 PM

Please feedback!!!!

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01/09/2012 07:14 PM

After tonight it will be a 14 on the helmet. There is a good reason for that folks! RTR

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01/09/2012 08:11 PM

I'm watching ESPN and the announcers at the game. The three of them are all discussing them with helmets from both teams in front of the desk like they always do. The Bama helmet has the number 13 on it. LSU Wins!!!

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01/09/2012 03:45 PM

Bama 31 LSU 27. Bama -2 Over the 41 Think early scores and lead for bama and lsu will make a run towards end of game but come up short. Should be a great one.

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01/09/2012 07:57 PM

Will post some photo's from my friend down in the french quarter. If you have any put here. I should be down there, but thanks to the guy who stole my ticket money, I am stuck here. Anyway, have fun looking at the photo's. The crazy folks are out, and the Bama fans too. BTW--Bama 31-LSU 27

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01/09/2012 06:55 PM

I am sticking this in the CFB room. I am in discussions with Ryan regarding a prize pool where if we can get enough cappers to participate as well as a minimum of CFB plays to wager on that the top cappers who post either the most winners or have the highest percentage can cah in on some holiday freeplays! This is the only bowl tracker that covers those games starting this Saturday all the way through to the National Championship. We need the participation and the plays in order for you to be eligible. You will post all your picks with your lines here, and I will have results the week when the BCS Championship Game concludes. GL!

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