• NFL Playoff Betting

    With the last week of the NFL season upon us the time is now when it comes to looking at betting the NFL playoffs. There are plenty of variables that need to be unearthed when setting up a game plan for the NFL playoff stretch. It is often the rookie bettor that makes the mistake and just goes into the playoffs without making the time to comb through last minute articles and info to get ready for the post season. This article will show you why it is important that the sports bettor prepares for the big run as well as tips on how they can do it and make a healthy profit.

    As mentioned many sports bettors don’t prepare for the NFL playoffs but you should. After all just look at what pro teams do, they often care anything at all about the last game of the season if the have a playoff spot wrapped up and instead they focus on the first week of the playoffs there is nothing wrong with doing the same as a sports handicapper. There are different ways to go about it and different things to look at when handicapping for the playoffs.

    Momentum is important. Many times a team has to make a rush to the playoffs and win out the last few weeks this is very important to acknowledge. Since the team is in playoff mode for weeks prior to the playoffs they often are lying out on the line every night and giving it all they got. This is a two headed monster. In this situation it is important to monitor the situation very closely. If this team is winning all the games coming into the playoffs they are the hot team and the sports bettor should wager on them. However check the injuries because it is hard to win out the last three or four weeks and make the playoffs and it could take its toll. If a team is banged up because of the run they may be out of gas. The team this year to watch is the Redskins as they make a late season run.

    Teams at this time of the year are expected to make the playoffs and so no one pays attention when they make the playoffs and they are playing great football. These teams can be most dangerous because they are flying under the radar. The teams this year in this position that sticks out is the Jacksonville Jaguars.

    Going into the playoffs as the favorite can be a burden for most teams. The good news is these teams often have home field advantage but the bad news is that these teams have every team in the league looking to knock them off the plateau. This year this team is obviously the New England Patriots.

    In the last week in the NFL many coaches give players the game off or don’t play them as much. This has backfired in the past as they players were rusty for the playoff games. In the upcoming last week of the NFL season watch playoff teams closely and see what coaches pull back the reigns and which ones play all out in the last week. It could pay dividends in the playoffs.

    As a sports bettor it is important to look at many different angles when handicapping for the playoffs, but even more imperative is the fact that the sports bettor must understand that they have to approach the playoffs differently than a regular season game. When the sports bettor takes that approach they will often find that they perform better in the playoffs and it shows in the increased bankroll! Good luck wagering into the NFL playoffs and finishing the year strong!