• Progressive Parlays

    The parlay is the most played wager in sports betting. The lure of the parlay is simple; it offers the sports bettor the chance to risk a small amount with the chance of a very big return.

    The parlay wager is defined as a wager in which a sports bettor choses multiple teams ort totals and combines them all in one wager. Every team or total included in the parlay must win for the bet to be graded as a winner. The more teams or totals in the wager the bigger the payout.

    With the rising popularity of the parlay, sports books have manipulated this type of wager to draw more action. Another version of the parlay is the progressive parlay.

    A Progressive Parlay works much the same way as a regular parlay.  However, with a Progressive Parlay, there is a consolation payout for having wrong selections included in the parlay.  Once having the minimum amount of correct selections for a payout, each additional correct selection increases the payout odds.

    A Progressive Parlay with a correct amount of selections that is not listed on the payout chart is a loser.  Ties are considered incorrect selections on Progressive Parlays which is different from the original parlay where a tie will just reduce the amount of selections in the parlay.

    A progressive parlay removes some of the risk involved in the betting of the parlay since it will allow for a miss or an incorrect selection to be included in the wager.

    Different sportsbooks offer different types of parlays and not all books offer the progressive parlays. Only the most up-to-date sports books with the fortitude to offer different wagering options will offer up the progressive parlay. Check the list of top ten sports books at Bang the book.com to see the sports books that offer the progressive parlay.

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