• Have a Plan to Research NCAA College Football

    College Football is a very unique sport to wager on.  It is wildly popular and there are over a hundred teams to choose from.  On any given Saturday there will be plenty of action on the board.  The key to how well you do in the season will depend on how you prepare.  There are tips to getting ready for the upcoming season.  It is important to have a plan of attack to research the season. 

    Stay with the Majors: When it comes to college football there is more than one conference.  Taking time to study each one in the preseason can be time consuming and demanding.  Since the major conferences get the most coverage and have the most televised games it is recommended that when studying for the upcoming season a handicapper should start with those conferences.  Then if you have more time you can work on some of the smaller ones.  It may be easier to find a softer line with smaller conferences but it’s better to know everything about several major conferences, then a little about all of the conferences. 

    Senior Day: Seniors are important to any football team.  They often bring leadership and experience to the team.  That is something that should not be overlooked.  In the year of the big money contract not many players stay that late in their college career, but it is helpful.  Every school will list the class level of each player.  Finding a team that is full of seniors will often bring more profit when the season kicks off.  Homecoming day games   will have a more powerful affect on the motivation of a team if they are full of seniors. 

    Welcome Back: The most significant factor to look at in preparation for an upcoming season is returning starters.  This should be rather obvious but the more returning starters the more familiar they are with each other and with the system.  Don’t just examine the power player positions either, make sure to look at who is returning.  If the entire offensive line will be back for the season it may not be important if the tailback is returning.  If the line is gifted enough that will make the holes for any running back in the backfield. 

    Look ahead: In college football the schedule is very important.  First it provides a road map for the season.  If there is a big game on the schedule then college teams have a bad habit of looking past the game before it.  Circling big games on a calendar will remind you to always look one week ahead and can open valuable wagering spots in the season.  The schedule can also help with future wagers.  For bigger conferences that have two divisions teams play cross division and may not always play the best teams in the opposite division.  Noticing this could save you some pennies in the future, or make you some.   

    These are just the basic things to look at when preparing for the upcoming college season, but that is not all.  It is imperative that the bettor is familiar with coaching changes, system implementation, and recruiting just to name a few.  This takes some time and plenty of work but it will be worth it in the fall.