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Betting Terms

Below is a list of Gambling Terms and Sports Betting Definitions that are useful to know when starting to bet on sports.

ACTION - Any bet or wager

ADDED GAME - a game not part of Las Vegas regular rotation posted as an accommodation to customers

ATS - against the spread

BOOK - A sports book or betting establishment that sets odds and accepts wagers on the outcome of sporting events.

BOOKIE - Someone who accepts bets

CHALK - The Favorite in a match/game

CIRCLED GAME - A game in which the sports book reduces its normal betting limit usually because of an injury or weather condition.

COVER - When the team wins by more than the point spread.

DIME - $1000 bet

DIME LINE - A money line in which the vigorish or bookie's juice amounts to 10 percent. (No point spread involved)

DOG - the underdog or the team getting points.

DOLLAR - $100 bet

EDGE - Advantage

EXOTIC BET - any wager other than a straight bet or parlay - also called a prop or proposition.

FUTURE BET - Bets accepted well in advance. Examples include betting on which team will win the World Series or Super Bowl months before the event.

GRAND SALAMI - The grand total of goals scored in all the hockey games of the day. It can be wagered to go Over/Under.

HOOK - A half point added to football or basketball lines.

JUICE - The bookmaker's commission on a losing bet, also known as "vigorish."

LISTED PITCHERS - Listed pitchers is a baseball bet which will be placed only if both of the pitchers scheduled to start a game actually start. If they don't, the bet is cancelled.

LINE - The current odds or point spread on an event.

LOCK - A term meaning can't lose. (NO SURE THING)

MIDDLE - When both sides of a point spread proposition win.

NICKEL - $500 Bet

ODDS-ON-FAVORITE - A horse, team or individual so favored by the public that the odds are less than even.

OFF THE BOARD - A game in which the sports book is not taking wagers on.

POINT SPREAD - The predicted scoring differential between two opponents listed by a sports book.

POST TIME - The scheduled starting time.

PUSH - A tie in the betting.

ROUND ROBIN - A method of parlaying two or more teams in all  possible two-team parlay combinations.

SIDE - When one side of a betting proposition wins and the other side ties.

STRAIGHT-UP WIN - A victory by a point spread underdog.

TAKE THE POINTS - A wager on a underdog.

VIGORISH - The juice or commission taken out by the sports book  for accepting the bet, usually 10 percent.

WAGER - Any bet.