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2010 Toronto Raptors Preview

It did not take long for the Raptors to realize it was going to be a long season. The head coach was fired early and the team could not put a good of run of wins together all year. Losing streak after losing streak mounted for this team and they were out of the running for a playoff spot early. This is a new season for the Raptors but that does not mean it will get any better.  

Jay Triano replaced Sam Mitchell as the new head coach for the Raptors just two months into the season last year and this will be his first full season. Like Miami and Cleveland the Raptors will have Chris Bosh for one more year before he becomes a free agent. Triano will have to deal with those types of questions all year long. In the meantime the Raptors were very active in the off-season acquiring talent to go around Bosh.  

In the draft the Raptors grabbed DeMar DeRozan out of USC and added youth at the forward spot but the real splash was in the free agent market. Toronto plucked Hedo Turkoglu from the Orlando Magic; pried Marco Belinelli from Golden State in exchange for Devean George, giving core member Andrea Bargnani an Italian teammate; and added other complementary pieces in Jarrett Jack (from Indiana), Antoine Wright (Dallas), and Reggie Evans (Philadelphia) They lost or let go of Jason Kapono, Shawn Marion, and Anthony Parker but with all of the pick ups they made these players will not be missed at all.  

The Raptors are going to be good this year and maybe even great. They have talent and are deep in the prime spots they will have good chemistry in the locker room and winning will only add to that. I don’t look for them to take away a spot from the big three of Orlando, Cleveland, and Boston but they will make the playoffs and would be surprised if they advance past the first round. They will challenge the Celtics at times for the crown in the Atlantic.