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2008 2009 NBA Futures Picks

The NBA has tipped off and it looks like it is going to be another great season in professional basketball! It takes some in depth research to try and pick an NBA champion in November. This article picks three teams from the East and the West that have a shot at winning the whole thing!

Eastern Conference:

Favorite: Boston Celtics 3/1
The Boston Celtics are the defending champions and they look like they are on course to do it again this year. The big three are focused and you can tell by their play that they are not satisfied with just one ring. Paul Pierce had an amazing off season regime to make sure he was in shape for a run for another ring. With great coaching, solid defense and the big three the Celtics have a real shat at repeating.

Next: Detroit Pistons 8/1
The Pistons have always been in the run for the Eastern title and this year will be no different. They took a bold step by trading for Allen Iverson and that will bolster the offense and give the Pistons a scorer to match up with the Celtics. This could be the last chance for an aging Pistons team and for leaders Rasheed Wallace and Allen Iverson.

Dark horse: Cleveland Cavaliers 16/1
It is hard to call a team led by one of the best players on the planet a dark horse, but this is the case with Lebron James and the Cavs. They have the talent and with the addition of a running point guard they have made the improvements to make a run at the ring. One has to wonder if this is it for Lebron James and the Cavaliers as rumors are swirling that he will be gone at the end of the season when he becomes a free agent!

Western Conference:

Favorite: Los Angeles Lakers 7/2

Even though they were runner ups last year it is the Lakers that have the best odds to get a ring. With a healthy Kobe Bryant and Andrew Bynum the Lakers are ready to make a run. Bynum at center allows Gasol to play in a better position to utilize his talents and gives Phil Jackson the best pieces to play the triangle offense. So far the Lakers have been demolishing the opposition and are a good bet to go to the finals!

Next: New Orleans Hornets 12/1
At 12 – 1 it is hard to ignore the New Orleans Hornets. Chris Paul is making people take notice and just six games into the season he is already breaking records and coming up with huge wins. He could have won the MVP last season and will be I the running again this year. As long as he stays healthy the Hornets have a real shot at winning it all.

Dark horse: Phoenix Suns 20/1

If the Suns played in the East they would be favorites to win it every year. Nash and Shaq lead this aging Suns team and although the door may be closing on them they still have the talent to win it all. They are playing very careful with Shaq to make sure that he is healthy for the long haul and that could be all they need. The hopes is that the Lakers and the Hornets can beat each other up and the Suns can surprise and go to the finals!