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  • Rules for betting on MLB Road Teams

    Major League Baseball has a very long season and one of the luxuries with having such a long season is being able to be selective when it comes to betting. Since the bettor can be selective it is wise of a bettor to try and find an angle that they can profit from or some risks that they can avoid.  Betting on road teams is one of those pitfalls that can be avoided.  This is not to say that betting on road teams is completely prohibited.  It just makes more sense to be on the home team if at all possible.  Home field advantage, Home cooking, No place like home, home sweet home, are all baseball sayings that were made up for a reason; teams play better at home! But why take my word for it?  Let’s look at the numbers, because the numbers don’t lie. 

          This is a breakdown of the combined road records of teams by division.

          AL     NL    

          East: 52-70    East: 57-56

          Central: 42-69    Central: 65-70

          West: 39-50    West: 48-67

          Overall: 133-189   Overall: 170-193

          AL/NL Combined Road Record: 303-382(44%) 

    Most bettors strive to break 53% in any sport to make money and if you look at the numbers above a bettor would hit 56% just betting against teams on the road.  This is not an exact output of monies earned since baseball uses the money line but tells you that road teams don’t win and that will not get you any money!  Throughout MLB there are only 7 teams that have a record above .500 and only Philadelphia at 16-6 has a record worth noting.  Certain divisions like the AL Central are horrible on the road at 27 games under .500 and cannot provide one team that has a winning record on the road.   

    Keep it simple stupid has never had a better application.  MLB provides the bettor with plenty of games each day.  This allows the bettor to be choosy in selecting teams to bet on. Why would anyone in their right mind bet on a side that loses 56% of the time?  It just doesn’t make sense!  There are just seven teams that are under .500 at home so if you do decide to take a road team then bet against a bad home team. 

    This rule may seem like a simple rule that should be widely known throughout the league but you would be so surprised how many bettors will play the road team.